Boho chic style for women

How to adopt the boho chic style ?

Your appearance is a reflection of your personality, your lifestyle and it is also the first thing that people notice.

Have you decided to adopt the bohemian chic style out of conviction or simply because you like this fashion and what it represents?

If you are looking for ideas to make your wardrobe, then you have come to the right place: in this article, we present in detail the boho chic trend, the clothes and accessories to favor for a total boho chic look.


The boho chic style, a state of mind

Boho, gypsy, neo-hippie fashion, all these terms evoke the bohemian chic style; a casual and elegant look in vogue in the world of people, in the middle of the festival and on social networks. It is also a very pleasant style to wear on a daily basis, which conveys the values ​​of freedom and harmony in a world increasingly constrained by society.

Originally, bohemian referred to the Gypsies who came from the region of Bohemia in the Czech Republic. A nomadic people, free and on the margins of society. The artists of the 19th century, shared with the bohemians, social values ​​at odds with the bourgeoisie of the time. Little by little, the bohemian lost its wandering roots to represent the universe of intellectuals and artists, followers of a counter-culture.

It was only with the hippie movement, in the 60s, that the bohemian style took a new turn. In opposition to social conventions, the bohemian culture and the clothing fashion that derives from it have particularly developed. The bohemian style becomes a real state of mind; cool and liberated. To hell with clothes that hug the body: dresses are fluid and airy, embroidery, prints, fringes and ethnic accessories are present and the look is as comfortable as it is elegant.

Today, bohemian designates an unconventional way of living, free and without worrying about tomorrow. She prefers art, nature and the discovery of the world to material things. So, do you find yourself in this way of thinking?


Boho chic, a natural and elegant style

Bohemian chic is adorned with vaporous, airy, floral or printed clothes. She favors natural materials and comfort above all: cotton, silk, velvet, muslin, linen are the bases of this style, as well as leather, suede and fur. Of course, to avoid any animal cruelty, she wears imitation leather, or fake fur.

She plays on the superposition of layers of clothing, ethnic accessories and jewelry variations. She prefers natural colors: white, beige, cream, brown, pastels for soft and sometimes brighter colors (red, blue, green, orange, turquoise). Everything is possible, as long as the colors are present in nature.


Characteristics of the bohemian chic style

What sets the bohemian chic style apart from its cousin are the sophisticated little touches that bring elegance. We love the embroidered details, the beads, the lace, the silk, the ruffles, the buttoned sleeves, the laces, the split cuts and the carefully worked fabrics.

In fact, the boho chic style corrects the sometimes neglected side of the bohemian style, which was once criticized. The trend was at its peak in the 2000s. Among the celebrities who embody this look to perfection: Nicole Ritchie, Sienna Miller and Kate Moss.

A piece of skin that reveals itself, an unbuttoned collar on a pretty neckline, a bracelet that falls on an ankle are all subtleties specific to the boho chic style. In short, we allow ourselves a little more feminine and sexy outfits while remaining in the basic relaxed and comfortable.


Bohemian chic jewelry

Impossible to talk about the boho chic style without mentioning bohemian jewellery: Opt for ethnic jewellery, in various styles and juggle with materials, thicknesses and shapes.


Accumulate different rings on one hand, adorned with pearls, stones or patterns.


Choose bracelets in silver, leather, woven, Brazilian type or wood. For your forearms: a metal or braided cuff.

Earrings :

Adorn your ears with dangling metal earrings, embellished with natural stones, feathers or leather to recall the Amerindian side.

Necklaces and long necklaces:

Add several necklaces or necklaces of different lengths, in silver or aged metal, with pendants in stone, shell, wood, etc.


Bohemian chic hairstyles

A true boho chic look cannot be complete without a bohemian hairstyle! Stay natural with wavy hair, loose braids, on the cob for example. A floral headband or headband in your hair will do just fine. To obtain a natural wave, do not hesitate to use a styling mousse to create beautiful curls.

Boho makeup

Take care of your complexion: it must appear absolutely natural and luminous. If it is not perfect, which is rather rare, you can use a BB cream or a liquid foundation to blur the imperfections. Add a highlighter to the bulging areas and rosy blush to the cheekbones. You can add a bit of mascara, a line of eyeliner and a touch of gloss or lipstick 💄 in peach tones to get a 100% boho make-up.

Adopt the bohemian chic style at the office

At work, you can totally wear the bohemian style. However, be careful not to overdo it. Avoid baggy clothes or colorful patterns. Your style should not be too casual, otherwise it will give the impression of being on vacation. A more vaporous element, some embroidery can be enough to obtain a boho look with finesse. Prefer outfits that are a little more sober and elegant, lace, neutral colors, fitted cuts, a little closer to the body.

The dress :
Knit or cotton dress with floral prints, depending on the season, with long or 3/4 sleeves. Remember to mark your waist with a belt or opt for a fitted cut. 👉 Access the collection of boho dresses.

The skirt :
Long or mid-length, with prints, ruffles or pleated fabrics. Wear with a softer top like a pretty blouse. Another option: the suede or velvet skirt. 👉 Discover the collection of long boho skirts.

The blouse:
White or ecru, with lace, silk or embroidered. To be worn under a chunky knit cardigan with rolled up sleeves.

Flared jeans:
A more modern version of flared pants, preferably choose light.
Another option: brown velvet boho pants.

The chunky knit cardigan:
Long and loose, preferably neutral or beige.

Jacket :
The perfecto in black, brown, camel, taupe leather or the well-cut denim jacket, perfect to complete your outfit.

Scarf or neckerchief:
A colorful element to wake up the style.

The shoes :
Pretty ankle boots or boots in imitation leather or suede. Choose shades of brown or black. Another option: boots inspired by the 70s and pumps with thick heels.

The bag :
In leather, suede or imitation leather, natural color and adorned with a few fringes.

Take care of your bohemian chic look on vacation

With its fluid and relaxed cuts, the boho look is ideal for the summer period. ⛱ Opt for light and airy materials, white tops and faded denim shorts. Remember to accessorize your outfit.

The dress :
Long or short, loose, white or with prints. With sleeves (of any length) or with thin straps. On a white dress, lace or colored embroidery.

The skirt :
Long or mid-length, ruffled, asymmetrical, split, patterned

The crochet top:
Preferably white or with some colored patterns

The cut shorts:
In jeans, worn or faded

The blouse, the tunic:
White, vaporous, embroidered or in lace 👉 Discover the collection of bohemian tunics

The silk kimono:
Fringed or printed

The shoes:
Ethnic leather sandals, spartans, wedge espadrilles

Hats :
Fedora, borsalino, panama, wide-brimmed, straw capeline or even crocheted cap,

sunglasses :
Vintage, with large frames, of various shapes, round or aviator type

The bag :
An ethnic pouch in colored fabrics, decorated with patterns, embroidered, or even a very trendy wicker basket.

The scarf :
A bandana around your bag, around your neck or in your hair.

There you have it, you have all the elements to compose a perfect bohemian chic outfit adapted to your daily life.

Are you more nostalgic for the 70s and hippie fashion? Would you like to find a style of dress in accordance with the values ​​of Flower Power? Good news ! The hippie style is making a comeback in a more chic, subtle and trendy version. Flared jeans, floral print in soft colors, soft materials and loose cuts... What if the hippie chic style was made for you?

Don't forget, the way you dress also influences the outside world and the way others look at you, like the little hummingbird.

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