What is boho or bohemian style ?

What is Boho style ?

Romantic, feminine and relaxed, the bohemian look is increasingly appealing to today's women who claim a certain ideology and an alternative way of life.

Timeless, the bohemian style is regularly brought up to date and has always inspired the greatest fashion designers. Long dresses, vaporous blouses and fluid fabrics, bohemian fashion has never been so trendy.

Do you also dream of highlighting your unique personality, your natural beauty and your sensuality by adopting a bohemian look? We are going to give you the best advice to have a 100% boho look.

Origin, fashion, fashion faux pas, the bohemian style will have no more secrets for you 😉 Let's Go!

How to wear the bohemian style?

To create a successful boho look, follow a few basic tips to choose the right pieces for your wardrobe. Here are two important criteria to keep in mind before any shopping session:


bohemian fabrics

We appreciate the natural materials such as cotton, linen or muslin decorated with embroidery as well as the lace which brings softness and romanticism to the outfit. You can pair a lace top with distressed denim shorts very well. The whole thing being to mix the relaxed with the sophisticated.

The crochet is also a key element of the boho chic style. Do not hesitate to choose more or less tight knits depending on the season. In summer, you can then put your swimsuit underneath.

We love the fringes that will adorn your shoes, your bag or your jacket. Choose only one piece of clothing with fringes, no more to avoid it becoming a disguise.

Whether for a dress, a skirt or a blouse, we prefer loose cuts and fluid fabrics. Please note, ample does not mean shapeless. The idea being to always have great freedom of movement with an almost dancing look.


bohemian colors

Bohemian style is defined by a natural color palette. In other words, all the colors that exist in nature: neutral tones associated with earth (brown, camel...), stone (ecru, ivory, brick...), vegetation (green, emerald... .) and the sky (blue, pink, orange, red...).

White is just as popular for displaying a boho look. If this color doesn't go with your complexion, choose shades of beige. Pastel tones are also highly coveted for their obvious softness. However, we tend to bet that more intense colors will land in summer. So, do not hesitate to enhance your style with a yellow or red piece.

Ethnic or floral prints will go perfectly with the bohemian style. However, avoid colors that are too flashy.


The essential boho clothes to have in your dressing room!

To display a 100% bohemian look, here are the essentials:

The boho dress

This is the basis of the bohemian style. We will favor loose and fluid cuts. For more sensuality, bohemian dresses can be asymmetrical or split to reveal your pretty legs.

The boho skirt

Easy to style, this bohemian garment plays with styles according to combinations. Worn with a crop-top or a vaporous blouse, the long bohemian skirt is perfect for adopting a swaying gait full of confidence. In summer, don't hesitate to show off your bare legs under the sun with a short flared bohemian skirt.


Flared pants and denim shorts

If you're not a fan of dresses, flare pants, a symbol of the 60s, can also be very cool with a t-shirt and a coat. For a touch of modernity, prefer high-waisted, flared pants or bootcut jeans.

When it comes to denim shorts, choose cropped, distressed, white, or faded. With a kimono, it will be perfect to accompany you on the beach this summer.

Boho tops and the kimono

Tunics, blouses and blouses will be vaporous, adorned with lace or embroidery. Choose them in neutral tones (white, cream, ivory...) or with prints (flowery or ethnic). To bring a rock touch, opt for an oversized vintage t-shirt.

Essential, the kimono sublimates your bohemian outfit. You can choose plain, with ethnic or floral patterns, with or without fringes or even lace.


Culture point: the origins of the bohemian style

Revealed by the hippie movement of the sixties and seventies, the boho style is an alternative fashion, symbol of a counter-culture that advocates freedom and non-conformism. Basically, this style emanates from a way of life that is both marginal and artistic, described in 19th century French literature: the bohemian.

It has its origins in the clothing style of Gypsies from Bohemia and gypsies who wore loose and colorful clothes before being associated with artists and intellectuals of the Romantic movement. Gradually, the bohemian style evolves and becomes a true philosophy of life.

Victor Hugo, Balzac, Henri Murger, Puccini, Aznavour, Queen... bohemianism has inspired many writers and artists of all times.

Bohemians participated in the contemporary movement that opposed the overly rigid corset that hampered the body, creating new followers of bohemian culture. Later, Paul Poiret, famous couturier of the 20th century, reinvented fashion by incorporating ethnic touches in his models.


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