Collection: Cottagecore outfits

A cottagecore lifestyle to live in harmony with nature

We are absolutely in love with the cottagecore trend! It is the perfect way to bring a bit of rural French village charm into your home and life. The collection features beautiful cottagecore decoration, cottagecore clothing and cottagecore accessories that will make you feel like you are living a peaceful country life. We cannot get enough of the delicate and pretty floral patterns, the cozy and comfortable fabrics, and the overall feeling of relaxation that this trend exudes. We know you will love it too!


A cottagecore dream with cottagecore clothes...

The cottagecore is a celebration of an idealized country life. young women in Victorian-inspired homespun or cotton dresses. young women frolicking in the fields, the flowers, among the animals, summoning calves, cows, pigs or horses and sheep. The cottagecore aesthetic is about simple living and a return to nature. It's about slowing down, enjoying the little things, and being surrounded by beauty.

Our Cottagecore collection is inspired by this idyllic lifestyle. The collection includes beautiful dresses, tops, and skirts that are perfect for any summer day. The fabrics are light and airy, making them perfect for hot summer days. And the silhouettes are romantic, bohemian and feminine.